Integrative Oncology Support

Integrative Oncology Support



At Revitalab, we are committed to treating each patient holistically with the aim of focusing on optimum health rather than just absence of disease. Traditional methods of treating illness in conventional medicine have involved prescription of medication for diseases, often causing side effects and not getting to the root of the problem.

We at Revitalab believe that optimum health is best achieved using both the benefits of conventional, Western medicine and complementary, integrative methods to investigate and manage the root cause of the illness, rather than simply focusing on the treating disease. We believe in providing support for mind, body and soul so that optimal conditions for equilibrium can be restored within the body, providing a strengthened immune system which will help the body to respond to more conventional treatment modalities.

Our model provides a full spectrum of care including disease prevention and optimising management of patients already diagnosed with illness. Our expertise in oncology provides specific holistic support for cancer patients across the full spectrum of cancer care, whether it be post-surgery aftercare, symptomatic support through counselling and side effect management for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, as well as an integrated approach to palliative care. In addition to cancer therapy, we treat auto-immune illness, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, depression, anxiety and dementia to name but a few of the many conditions that a holistic approach can benefit.


Using a holistic integrative medicine approach, you will be assessed by a medical doctor who will ask you to complete a pre-assessment questionnaire in the comfort of your home prior to your consultation. This will help the doctor to understand your unique needs and to better understand what you wish to achieve from the consultation. At your visit you will have a 60 minute in-depth consultation with the doctor, who will do a full assessment and address your specific needs. Where indicated, laboratory tests may be requested to further identify deficiencies or abnormalities in the body. Once we have done a full assessment, you will receive individualised advice and care that includes nutritional support, advice on exercise, and MBSR mindfulness-based stress relief and healing techniques including meditation and visualisation exercises.

We provide a caring environment where our patient centred approach to cancer and other illnesses will ensure that you are treated and respected as the individual that you are, and not just as a disease.